beechwoodpark replied to your post “Jauja,” Lisandro Alonso “Jauja,” Lisandro Alonso “Jauja,” Lisandro…”

fingers crossed for a mike leigh + ken loach comeback

like ken loach’s old ass ever left, he’s been nominated for the palme 12 fuckin TIMES

"Jauja," Lisandro Alonso

"Jauja," Lisandro Alonso

"Jauja," Lisandro Alonso

WINTER SLEEP 196 minutes

WINTER SLEEP 196 minutes

WINTER SLEEP 196 minutes


Roy Andersson better be the late entry or else Miss Julie/Dau better show up

does anyone know what time the cannes press conference is tomorrow?

I need 2 see if the Alonso is in asap as it is announced


Piero della Francesca: Augustinian Nun (1454)

04.16.14 /13:16/ 16811


Come and Go (João César Monteiro, 2003)

"Everybody else go home, because Beyonce just shut down Coachella." 

because she jumped on stage with the better sister? okay


but first, let me take a xanax 

im always at a constant state of losing followers

you have so many they fight 4 the number sok

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slay us with ur text posts

ilu I always lose followers when I drunk tumblr but I’m always here 4 my true fans

I’ve worked so much this weekend I almost want to just not go in tomorrow why am I always so tired why am I so lazy I could sleep 23/7

I’m baffled ppl care about SNL since it hasn’t been good since Maya Rudolph left but I wanna be dickwhipped by this basement dweeb bro on weekend upd8

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you're not worthy of your url, ugh


Cannes announces the competition lineup in a week so I guess that’s when we’ll find out if Xavier Dolan’s check cleared this time


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